Stainless Steel Benchtops

We design and craft custom made stainless steel benchtops to suit your needs.


Whether you need a fresh design concept for your home or a sturdy long lasting stainless steel benchtop for your commercial environment, we can help you. We are experts at designing and producing stainless steel benchtops according to your requirements.  


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Residential Benchtops

Why buy a standard benchtop when you can have one designed specifically for your home and handcrafted by our highly skilled design engineers. We can work to suit any shape, size or design of kitchen or workroom.


Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Benchtops, Work Surfaces & Benches

Our engineers will work according to your project requirements to design and craft your commercial benchtop in MPI approved grade stainless steel. We are experts at working with food grade codes in stainless steel and will ensure your benchtop is produced on time and within your budget to suit your project with our beautiful high end designs.