Custom Items

If you have come up with an idea that you would like to be crafted using aluminium or stainless steel, we can design, fabricate & weld it for you.


We work with your ideas applying our creative design expertise and knowledge of working with these finer metals to ensure you are getting the best out of the raw materials.

We have designed and crafted many unique products for clients over the years such as; pool rails, trolleys, tables, bedside tables, lampshades and sculptures. Anything you can imagine, we can create.  

We literally bring your ideas to life in 3D within the millimetre so you can see what your design will look like before any work begins. This approach reduces risk, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project. 

Our expert craftsmen then create your product to our high quality standards.


See how we can make your ideas happen

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Sheet metal capability

We have a CNC 200t 3.2 meter break press and NC 3.2m guillotine.

Folding: We can fold your metal profiles up to 10mm thick and 3200mm long depending on the material and profile. This can usually be done within 3 working days depending on the complexity and quantity.

Break Press Tooling: Our current tooling is segmented punches:

  • 86 degree 1mm radius,

  • 86 degree 10mm radius

  • 86 degree 20mm radius

  • 30 degree 0.5mm radius for materials up to 3mm thick

With segmented lower tooling to suit.

Guillotine Cutting: Our guillotine can cut 3200mm long of thicknesses, stainless steel 4mm, mild steel 8mm and Aluminum 10mm.


Below is just a small sample of custom items we've made for our clients:


University of Auckland Neon Light Art Barrier

The maintenance team at the University of Auckland called us wanting to protect their famous neon light art work. We built a custom barrier rail from stainless steel to protect the lights from students leaning on the wall.


Engine Maintenance Stand

Our client approached us looking for a strong, light and mobile stand to be able to rotate his customers turbine engine to assist with engine maintenance. We built this versatile strong aluminium trolley.


Game Fishing Flying Gaff Head

Our client was looking for a super light flying gaff head for his competitive game fishing, we made him one from super strong grade 5 titanium.