Aluminium Fabrication & Welding

Aluminium is a surprisingly strong, light and fine metal giving a beautiful finish that is long lasting with approximately 30 years lifespan for most products.


Aluminium is Available in a wide range of colours, a cost effective option with a gorgeous finish.

We are experts at aluminium fabrication and welding. Whether you have a new product to be created or need repairs to an existing product, we can help you either onsite or at our workshop.

Aluminium is the perfect choice for unique high end custom designs for residential or commercial use.

Why buy standard when you can have your ideas come to life with our unique 3D CAD design process and the finest precision engineering with laser cutting and the best craftsmanship made to a beautiful high quality finish.


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Why Aluminium?

Need a unique design?

Ease of fabrication and sanding makes aluminium a great material for custom products such as; unique shelving, small componentry, decorative fittings, pool rails, trolleys, tables, bedside tables, lampshades, benchtops and much more. We regularly make balustrades, staircases, bollards, handrails for residential or commercial use. Basically anything you can imagine we can make in aluminium. 

Very little preparation is required for powder coating Aluminium, this saves time and money. Powder coating is great at providing a durable coating available in a wide range of colours, making the final product economical and great looking.

Perfect for transport or marine industry

Aluminium is light and relatively strong, about half the strength to weight ratio to that of mild steel, this makes it a great material for the transport industry, minimising tare weight and maximising payload.

Aluminium is perfect for the marine industry. Uncoated aluminium has a good corrosion resistance and weathers well. Often boats built from 5083 aluminium plate are left completely uncoated and last without major corrosion for decades.

Polishing and finishing

Different polishes & finishes are available depending on the job. We use manual polishing machines with different grits of mops and wheels to get different results such as:

  • Acid cleaned for bright uniform finish (outdoor applications)

  • High polish for indoor decorative items, automotive componentry.

  • Sanded and coated, any color to make look as one moulded item (furniture, boat dash board, brackets ect)


What is Aluminium?

Aluminium is alloy based from pure aluminium with other alloys added to enhance specific properties and qualities depending on the application. There are many different grades of aluminium ranging from 1xxx series which is commercially pure aluminium primarily used for electrical power transmission lines due to its excellent electrical conductivity and great ductility. Right through to 7xxx series with the main alloying agent being zinc, this alloy is heat treatable and is mainly used for air-frame construction.

The majority of the aluminium used in the fabrication industry is 5xxx and 6xxx series with the alloying agents being silicon and magnesium giving excellent, weld-ability, malleability, corrosion resistant’s and 6xxx being highly ductile with most aluminium extrusions being 6061 grade.